About Us

About the Brand
The brand originated during a casual conversation about the clothes that we wear everyday. Comfort of course ranked high on the list, not only in the various collections we all buy, but also comfort in how the products identify who we are. What's the meaning behind what we buy? This became the question. For some it's texture, fabric, the fit, being on-trend, or brand name itself. Our mission is to be more than a name and a way to express what we believe through fashion. We all have the ability to create clothing, but with or without a logo....
"Believe in what you wear and wear what you believe."


Our Social Media

We strive to reach as many people as possible worldwide and welcome you all on our journey. By following our social media platforms, you will have the opportunity to stay updated on all of our upcoming/new releases, promotions, giveaways and much more. We would love to share your support on our platforms #godwill, #godwillbrand, and tag us @godwillbrand.

Our Appreciation

As we continue to grow, we want to thank all of our supporters and loyal customers for believing in our message and spreading the word about us. We really appreciate you.